Private person
6500 sq.m.
Borispol highway, Kiev

As part of the rebranding, our customers at ONOVO Dendra Hotel have approached us with the task of modernization of the territory, facade, the lobby and of the reception area. The project had to fit into a pre-designed overall concept - ONOVO Dendra Hotel.
We made the location as green and fresh as possible by placing a fountain, green parking and few arbors made of natural wood. The interior and the exterior of the complex were modernized through the use of a combination of wooden rails, stone textures and metal, as well as copper and handmade lamps in the interior. This solution has created an atmosphere of premium comfort. The lobby has been given the opportunity to work also as an independent establishment for evening events.
As a result, a complete and modern solution was created, which breathed a new life into the hotel and restaurant complex.

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