IT company DataRobot UA
1100 sq.m.
st. Vladimirskaya 101, Kiev

Our clients from an American IT company DataRobot needed a large and comfortable office in Kyiv with the optimal balance of workplaces and meeting rooms.
Therefore, our experts have created the most convenient multifunctional space with 18 separate meeting rooms. Open space is also unusual. It is divided into team zones, with n-shaped table placing and a central discussion table.
Such companies always have lots of ideas which need to be constantly written down. To accomplish this task, we located special writing glass panels throughout the office.
Dining area has mobile tables, and easily transforms into a space for meetings, events, presentations and corporate events. This area is equipped with RGB illumination, which helps to set the right atmosphere for each event. Large kitchen with a bar counter is separated from the dining area with a waterfall.
The overall concept of a mobile office also provides the ability to work in any spot of the space.

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