Office interior design

The office design is not just about colour, wall decoration and choice of furniture, it is about your values, attitude towards partners, customers, employee mood and productivity. The office interior design can significantly support as well as improve your company in many ways. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen your uniqueness and individual approach.

How to create an office design for stable business development?

A modern workspace design project can be a perfect way to attract talented people to your team and increase overall staff retention, because visualisation plays a significant point in our lives. The creation of a relevant interior for your office not only makes it possible to reconfigure the workplace, but can also increase the level of appreciation of your partners, employee satisfaction and have a positive impact on their work.

Office space plays a major role and influences the way employees perform their direct duties, and it has been scientifically proven that productivity in comfortable spaces increases.

Therefore, the functional office design is essential for companies in which business performance is highly dependent on people’s performance. Providing a unique and cosy workspace increases productivity and improves the staff involvement.

Even an incorrectly chosen room colour can affect the efficiency of your employees. Certain colours such as grey, white or yellow-brown make employees feel sad or depressed. However, in many cases, choosing the right colour will depend on the type of doing work or your personal preferences. Similarly, the choice of colour can affect your customers and the way you perceive your business.

Office design is also important for strengthening your business name and basic values. The stylish design of a company space enhances your brand loyalty, which you can see in the case of all major corporations. The unique and high-quality design of the office space reflects your character and the business you manage.

Maybe along with your staff, you will also have customers and business partners who visit your office frequently that is why it is more important to have your space visually attractive.


Advantage of working with ZIKZAK studio

ZIKZAK – designs modern commercial and residential interiors. Our design will remain up-to-date and stylish, creative and functional for a long time and will solve such tasks in the process:

  1. Fixed design deadlines and controlling of all work in a special application;
  2. Fixed budget for project implementation;
  3. Development of photorealistic visualizations for full immersion in the future of the space;
  4. Maximum occupancy of employees with preservation of ergonomics;
  5. Development of all sections, including engineering, design and technology;
  6. Acoustic solution and soundproofing project, which is essential when people discover the value of silence and concentration;
  7. Phytodesign development and plant service plan.

We know the modern office design trends that can affect your business performance.

ZIKZAK has an excellent team that comes to analyse your space and advise you according to your business culture, requirements, plans and budget. We always select the best contractors who are ready to implement any idea within a certain period.

Preparatory work
Our specialists come to your location, carry out measurements, collect initial information on the premises, including general data on engineering systems, the requirements of the business center or the building owner. Evaluate the possibility of making structural changes to the premises, identify its features and bottlenecks. You will be interviewed to identify the needs and wishes of your company in the organization of space and its design.
Creation of layout and concept
Based on the collected data, our architects and designers develop an individual functional and ergonomic planning solution based on your wishes, the requirements of the business center, the current rules and regulations, and create a general concept for your space. The concept-moodboard- is created from existing references and prototypes and shows the direction and atmosphere of the design of the future office.
Creation of visualization
After approval of the concept, our team creates a photorealistic 3-D visualization, on which you can see how your office will look after completion of construction work.
Preparation of working drawings
After the approval of the previous stages, the development, verification and transfer of working architectural and engineering drawings necessary for the implementation of construction work follows. The developed drawings include not only technical documentation, but also the selection of all finishing materials and furniture indicating the brand / model / article number. For custom-made furniture, drawings are developed for implementation. If necessary, we coordinate the project with the operating company or the owner of the building.
Conducting field supervision
Directly during construction work, the leading architects of our company regularly come to the location and monitor the work of contractors for compliance with the work performed to the drawings, visualizations, and also solve non-standard situations so that at the exit you get the interior that you saw on the visualization.
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