Apartment interior design

The flat's modern design is more than just stylish furniture and fashionable decoration. The interior design of a flat is a complex process, since every detail in the creation of a home plays a major role in the emotional and mental wellbeing of the person.

How to create the design of a flat so that there is a desire to come back to it?

Perfect renovation is a personalized interior that reflects the lifestyle and values of the owners. It is a place with the comfortable and cosy atmosphere, which provokes you to stay or return.

When creating the design of a flat project, the main points are the well thought out internal layout, proving the all functions and viability of the house.  The choosing of the right and appropriate style of the flat is certainly an important step. Nevertheless, you cannot let limited space or complicated composition interfere with the creating a comfortable, stylish house in which you spend a lot of time. Moreover, even a studio flat can be quite attractive and functional.

To achieve a high level of practicality, experienced designers use every single corner of the house, paying attention to the influence of colour and furniture. The design studio projects also require creativity to maximise space and optimise everyday life.

The interior design involves a focus on the details of all rooms. Functional areas must be connected to the overall design style of the flat. It is important to take into consideration every square metre of living space to make it spacious and harmonious. Instead of placing all your favourite furniture and accessories in the room, it is important to create a space layout so that every item serves the purpose of beauty or functionality. The task for a professional designer is to create a well-designed room where every detail will look considered.

Most creating today interior projects are characterised by spaciousness, capacity and convenience. Calm tones and graphic lines do not take your attention away and give an opportunity to focus on relaxation, communication and work. The repair of flats is a long-term project and should be suitable for you completely. It also worth remembering that a flat is not only a living place, but also an investment that with its stylish design will influence positively, as visual aesthetics is definitely important for people now.


Advantage of working with ZIKZAK studio

ZIKZAK creates unique design projects for flats. Our design will remain up-to-date and stylish, creative and functional for a long time and will solve the following tasks in the process:

  1. Guaranteed delivery of the project design at a certain time and monitoring all work in a special application;
  2. Fixed budget for project implementation to protect against unforeseen costs;
  3. Development of photorealistic visualisations, which allow you to see how the flat will look like after renovation even before construction. The visualisation allows you to look at a sketch of your flat, that is practically the same as a quality photo;
  4. Development of all sections, including engineering, design and technology;
  5. Acoustic solution and soundproofing project, which is appreciated. In modern design, it will provide comfort and quietness when you want it especially.
  6. Phytodesign development and plant service plan.

Creating the interior of a studio flat, the planning of a two-room and a multi-room flat are design puzzles waiting to be solved. ZIKZAK designs modern commercial and residential interiors. We always select the best contractors who are ready to implement any idea within a certain period.

Preparatory work
Our specialists come to your location, carry out measurements, collect initial information on the premises, including general data on engineering systems. Evaluate the possibility of making structural changes to the premises, identify its features and bottlenecks. They will interview you and identify the needs and wishes for organizing the space.
Planning and concept creation
Based on the collected data, our architects and designers develop an individual planning solution and create a general concept for your space. The concept-moodboard-is created from existing references and prototypes and shows the direction and atmosphere of the future space.
Create visualization
After the concept is approved, our team creates a photorealistic 3-D visualization on which you can see how your space and selected materials will look after completion of construction work.
Preparation of working drawings
After the approval of the previous stages, the development, verification and transfer of working architectural and engineering drawings necessary for the implementation of construction work follows. The developed drawings include not only technical documentation, but also the selection of all finishing materials and furniture indicating the brand / model / article number. For custom-made furniture, drawings are developed for implementation. If necessary, we coordinate the project with the operating company.
Designer supervision
Directly during construction work, the leading architects of our company regularly come to the location and monitor the work of contractors for compliance with the work performed to the drawings, visualizations, and also solve non-standard situations so that at the exit you get the interior that you saw on the visualization.
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