Interior design of apartment buildings

Home is a place where it should always be cosy and comfortable where you want to come back after a hard day. Each design should be individualized, satisfying the aesthetic tastes and preferences. The interior design of a private home will make it simple and comfortable to live inside your house, as most of our time to spend at home.

How to create the design of a house or cottage where it should always be cosy and warm?

A well-designed house is the main point, so if you start redecorating or moving to a new place, it is high time to think about creating a modern design for the cottage, with a reasonable form and purpose.

The design of the house and cottage must be convenient for the owner, reflect his or her taste, lifestyle, character, and be an extension of the architecture of the house and the land. Each room should have its own purpose so that the design of the house will be both practical, functional and harmonious. Comfort helps you to concentrate on relaxation, communication and work.

A well-designed house will take into account the needs and exact priorities of the people who use it. The design of the house will be based on the requirements of its users to make the life easier for those who live in it. The interior design of a private home contains the right choice among a variety of styles, which will be ideal for both the house and the owner. An important factor for a good interior is a well-thought-out internal plan and providing the functionality and viability of the house. In the design of the cottage and private home the attention must be on the details, even the choice of beautiful and appropriate shades to create visual harmony around it is important. Soothing colours or bright shades will help to create the moods and positive thinking.

Making a home design helps to raise your image among your company. It can help you move forward in your personal as well as professional life. Repairing a private house and cottages is a long-term project; it should match you completely and give your house its character.

The design of the cottage also has the aim of using the territory and space correctly. It is important to take into account the desire to have a sauna, pool, everything you need to satisfy your needs and dreams. Do not forget about the importance of the garden and the plot, because a properly planned house is a guarantee of beautiful territory.


Advantage of working with ZIKZAK studio

It is necessary to ask the professionals who know how to make the desires come true during planning the interior design of a country house or a cottage.

ZIKZAK creates unique design projects for houses and cottages. We have experience in developing a phytodesign and plant service plan as well as know how to create a flawless yard and house. Our design will remain up-to-date and stylish, creative and functional for a long time and will solve the following tasks in the process:

  1. Guaranteed delivery of the project design at a fixed time and controlling the work in a special application;
  2. Fixed budget for project implementation to protect against unforeseen costs;
  3. Development of photorealistic visualisations, thanks to which you can find out how your house will look like even before construction begins;
  4. Development of all sections, including engineering, design and technology;
  5. Development of the thermal insulation project;
  6. Phytodesign development and plant service plan.

ZIKZAK designs stylish commercial and residential interiors, making dreams come true in a modern home that is sure to be comfortable and cosy. We select the best contractors who are ready to implement any idea within a specific period.

Preparatory work
Our specialists come to your site, take measurements of the house, collect initial information on it, including general data on engineering systems. Assess the possibility of making structural changes to the house, identify its features and bottlenecks. They will interview you and identify the needs and wishes in the organization of space and design.
Creation of layout and concept
Based on the collected data, our architects and designers develop an individual planning solution and create a general concept for the interior of the house. The concept-moodboard- is created from existing references and prototypes and shows the direction and atmosphere of the future design.
Create visualization
After approval of the concept, our team creates a photorealistic 3-D visualization, on which you can see how the interior of your house will look after the completion of construction work.
Preparation of working drawings
After the approval of the previous stages, the development, verification and transfer of working architectural and engineering drawings necessary for the implementation of construction work follows. The developed drawings include not only technical documentation, but also the selection of all finishing materials and furniture indicating the brand / model / article number. For custom-made furniture, drawings are developed for implementation.
Conducting field supervision
Directly during construction work, the leading architects of our company regularly come to the location and monitor the work of contractors for compliance with the work performed to the drawings, visualizations, and also solve non-standard situations so that at the exit you get the interior that you saw on the visualization.
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