Beauty salon interior design

The design of a beauty salon is one of the factors that can affect the success. The design of a Kiev beauty salon is becoming more and more demanding every day, as women and men of all ages come here. It is important for people to see the aesthetic, attractive and functional beauty studio's design. The interior design of a beauty salon is an essential part of the work and marketing process, because stylish beauty salon design is able to attract new clients and keep the old ones.

How to create a design project for a beauty salon to give individuality among competitors?

It is important to create special beauty salon projects, giving the business an individuality, because when people start discussing an exciting new salon, it will function better than any advertising. You always need to know who will be your customer, but at the same time, you need to create a beauty salon design that will reach a larger audience. The design of a beauty salon requires special attention to every detail, right from the entrance. It must demonstrate the basic concept of the salon in a clear way and at the same time look attractive.

The design of a beauty salon needs to separate the zones of different services, creating the right position for all functional areas, so visitors do not have to cross path with other people who are busy with their procedures at that moment, and do not get confused. It is necessary to organize a stand-alone place for intimate procedures. For example, it is popular now to do such procedures as hair colouring, manicures and pedicures simultaneously. There is an opportunity to provide areas where several specialists will work all together with a client. It is possible to implement this idea thanks to the well-considered design even with small area.

Lighting is also an important element in the design of a beauty studio project. You should admit that there is a difference between muted light in a massage room (where the emphasis is on relaxing for the client) and bright light in the manicure service area. ZIKZAK designer’s services include the development of all the details, even the smallest one.


Advantage of working with ZIKZAK

ZIKZAK, designs stylish commercial and residential interiors. We carry out projects from concept development and budget preparation to start up. We always select the best contractors who are ready to implement any idea in a fixed period and we give you an opportunity to control the work in a special application. Our design will remain up-to-date and functional for a long time, and will solve such tasks in the process of work:

  1. Fixed budget for project implementation;
  2. Fixed terms for designing and tracking all the works in a special application;
  3. Development of photorealistic visualizations of the future space;
  4. Development of all sections, including engineering, design and technological;
  5. The plan of location of lighting devices;
  6. Acoustic solution and soundproofing project;
  7. Phytodesign development and plant service plan.

How much does the project design of beauty salon cost?

When creating a project design, price and quality must be acceptable for our customers. This is why we set a fixed budget before the start of work for the project to avoid unforeseen costs.

ZIKZAK knows the modern trends in salon design, which is why our work remains relevant for a long time.

Preparatory work
Our specialists come to your location, carry out measurements, collect initial information on the premises, including general data on engineering systems, the requirements of the premises owner. Evaluate the possibility of making structural changes to the premises, identify its features and bottlenecks. They will interview you to identify your needs and wishes, get acquainted with the concept of your salon.
Planning and concept creation
On the basis of the collected data, our architects and designers develop an individual functional and ergonomic planning solution, taking into account the peculiarities of the concept, the technological process, and the applicable rules and regulations. Concept-moodboard - is created together with a planning solution from existing references and prototypes and shows the direction and atmosphere of the design of the future salon.
Create visualization
After the concept is approved, our team creates a photorealistic 3-D visualization on which you can see how your salon will look after completion of construction work.
Preparation of working drawings
After the approval of the previous stages, the development, verification and transfer of working architectural and engineering drawings necessary for the implementation of construction work follows. The developed drawings include not only technical documentation, but also the selection of all finishing materials, furniture, etc. equipment indicating the brand / model / article. For custom-made furniture, drawings are developed for implementation. If necessary, we coordinate the project with the operating company or the owner of the premises.
Designer supervision
Directly during construction work, the leading architects of our company regularly come to the location and monitor the work of contractors for compliance with the work performed to the drawings, visualizations, and also solve non-standard situations so that at the exit you get the interior that you saw on the visualization.
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