Private house architecture

The design of houses is the complete development of buildings for various purposes and, of course, the preparation of documentation for reconstruction or new buildings.

This is necessary for the design of residential premises, country houses, cottages, multi-story buildings, private and commercial buildings. In a building project, clearly defined goals are established with regard to the design and interior of the house. It is also possible to predict the timing of construction work due to the project.

Why individual design of houses is the first and important step in building an object

Why the individual design of houses is the first and important step in building a facility?

The design of houses is the main stage before construction that will help to calculate the estimated costs and correctly distribute the allocated funds.

The individual project of the house determines how the structure will look from the inside and outside, how durable and safe it will be. The design of houses will help to avoid irreparable mistakes in construction, as well as to build a practical and convenient cottage, house and any building. Architectural planning of the houses provides a guarantee that the house will last for many years, without cracks, facade breakage and rubble. In fact, you need to plan carefully and take into consideration the location, soil relief, infrastructure and neighboring buildings.

The design of a private house and cottages we pay a lot of attention to the correct distribution of the territory of the site, so that the location of the objects is convenient, and also functional.

What is needed to create an architectural design of the houses?

The quality of the design of the house depends on a number of factors and requires attention to details. Thought-out house designs that fulfil the requirements of ergonomics and safety cannot be done without a specialist.

The target of designing a house is to use the territory and space wisely. The design of a house and a cottage also involves a landscape design, which is much more than just decorating the yard. It is about transformation of your yard into a beautiful secluded place. The correct design can create a pleasant outdoor environment framed by trees or shrubs to block out noise of the surroundings and give you the filling of being in the countryside. The design will take into consideration how you are going to use the space to create the perfect environment and background for your purposes. The desire to have a sauna, a swimming pool, whatever is needed to satisfy your needs and dreams must be taken into account. Do not forget about the importance of the garden and the site, because a properly planned house is the guarantee of a beautiful area.

Preparatory work
Our specialists come to your site, get acquainted with the location, identify its features, collect initial data. They will interview you to identify the functional needs and content of the house, stylistic wishes for design.
Planning and concept creation
On the basis of the collected data, our architects and designers develop an individual functional planning solution, taking into account the characteristics of the site, its orientation to the sides, and the wishes of filling the premises. Concept-moodboard - created together with a planning solution from existing references and prototypes and shows the direction and atmosphere of the design of the future home.
Create visualization
After approval of the concept, our team creates a photorealistic 3-D visualization, on which you can see how the future house or complex will look, makes it possible to present your complex to future residents.
Preparation of working drawings
After the approval of the previous stages, the development, verification and transfer of working architectural drawings necessary for the implementation of construction work follows. The developed drawings include not only technical documentation, but also the selection of all finishing materials, furniture and equipment, indicating the brand / model / article number. For custom-made furniture and equipment, drawings are developed for implementation. If necessary, we coordinate the project with the chief project designer.
Designer supervision
Directly during construction work, the leading architects of our company regularly come to the location and monitor the work of contractors for compliance with the work performed according to drawings, visualizations, and also solve non-standard situations. If necessary, adjustments are made to the selection of materials, so that at the output you get the interior that you saw on the visualization.
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