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What we do
Interior Design
  • Measuring plan.
  • Disassembly plan.
  • Plan of partitions installation.
  • PLan of furniture and equipment placement.
  • Flooring plan.
  • Ceiling plan.
  • Plan of lighting fixtures placement.
  • Switches plan.
  • Scheme of electrical equipment plan.
  • Axonometric schemes of decoration of the room.
  • Consolidated ceiling plan of engineering systems.
  • Basic wall drawings.
  • Sketches of elements of individual production.
  • Details and specifications.
  • Visual images
  • Scheme of the master plan.
  • Scheme of relief organization.
  • Axis plan.
  • Marking plan.
  • Laying plan.
  • Plan of the roof.
  • Facade in axes.
  • Sections.
  • Scheme of filling of window openings.
  • Cut on the outer wall.
  • Organization details.
  • Axonometry.
Architectural supervision
  • Regular visit of the location by designer (no more than 4 visits per month).
  • Adjustments to the project if needed.
  • Consultations and monitoring of compliance with the design project.
  • Preparation of commercial proposals regarding decoration materials, mentioned in the project, furniture and equipment.
Our specialists come to your location to measure it and to compare received data to the information specified in the documentation. Then our experts conduct architectural and technical inspection of the premises and its engineering networks, assess the level of lighting and explore the possibility of structural changes in the planning.
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