Our area of expertise is the creation of unique designs for commercial and residential real estate with the provision of a full range of professional services: from developing a perfect concept to full-fledged architectural supervision.

Why choose ZIKZAK?

We design stylish, modern interior solutions. We will create for you a unique office, restaurant or store that will charge you to work, or a place that will amaze your client and make you come back. We will make all your dreams of decorating a private house come true, which will reflect the essence of your personality. With our work, we prove that design can be beautiful, relevant, interesting and at the same time as functional as possible.
Our experience allows us to free the customer from many issues in the process of work, namely:

1. Planning the budget for the implementation of the project. We calculate all costs and agree on the final estimate with the customer.

2. There is a special application in which you can track the implementation of fixed terms of design and execution of work.


3. With the help of the created photorealistic visualizations, already at the development stage, you will see in detail how the object will look.

4. We independently develop all engineering, design, technological sections.

5. We provide a soundproofing project and develop an acoustic solution for your facility, because we understand that a large amount of noise reduces performance.

6. We are concerned about the quality of the air in your room. We provide you with a phyto-design project, as well as a detailed plant care plan.

Our work is based on the latest design trends. We know that a good office design will not only create comfort for employees, but can also become a visiting card for company guests.

  • The outline of the master plan.
  • The relief organization scheme.
  • Axis breakdown plan.
  • Marking plan.
  • Masonry plan.
  • Roofing design.
  • Facade in the axles.
  • Cuts.
  • Scheme of filling window openings.
  • Section on the outer wall.
  • Device details.
  • Axonometry
  • Measurement plan.
  • Dismantling plan.
  • Partition mounting plan.
  • Plan for the placement of furniture and equipment.
  • Floor plan.
  • Ceiling plan.
  • Layout plan for lighting devices.
  • Circuit breaker plan.
  • The layout of electrical equipment.
  • Axonometric scheme of decoration.
  • Master plan of the ceiling of engineering systems.
  • The main sweep of the walls.
  • Sketches of elements of individual manufacture.
  • Sheets and specifications.
  • Visual images.
  • Regular designer visits to the site (no more than 4 visits per month).
  • Making adjustments to the project, if necessary.
  • Consulting and monitoring compliance with the implementation of the design project.
  • Preparation of commercial proposals for the finishing materials, furniture and equipment specified in the project.
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