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Interior design today, this is one of the key points in the arrangement of human surroundings.

Someone wants to create a dream home, someone wants the best office space for the stable development of their business, and someone wants a bright and memorable restaurant interior.

Regardless of the complexity and scale of the project, we want each of the customers to get the best space on time and on budget.

Offering comprehensive solutions and developing the idea of ​​a rational office space, a country house or a hotel and restaurant complex, we are ready to provide:
• a tool to enhance the brand status of the company among employees, partners and
• a cozy home for the whole family;
• productive workplace;
• a place for relaxation and unforgettable emotions.
Studying the needs of the customer and creating the best idea, we use modern technologies of design, visualization and project management.
We carry out projects from concept development and budget preparation to commissioning. We always select the best of the contractors for all sections who are ready to implement any idea on time.
Over the years, we have completed over 75,000 m2

A design project with 3D visualization, drawings, specifications and architectural supervision from a responsible executor is a wise choice.

  • The outline of the master plan.
  • The relief organization scheme.
  • Axis breakdown plan.
  • Marking plan.
  • Masonry plan.
  • Roofing design.
  • Facade in the axles.
  • Cuts.
  • Scheme of filling window openings.
  • Section on the outer wall.
  • Device details.
  • Axonometry
  • Measurement plan.
  • Dismantling plan.
  • Partition mounting plan.
  • Plan for the placement of furniture and equipment.
  • Floor plan.
  • Ceiling plan.
  • Layout plan for lighting devices.
  • Circuit breaker plan.
  • The layout of electrical equipment.
  • Axonometric scheme of decoration.
  • Master plan of the ceiling of engineering systems.
  • The main sweep of the walls.
  • Sketches of elements of individual manufacture.
  • Sheets and specifications.
  • Visual images.
  • Regular designer visits to the site (no more than 4 visits per month).
  • Making adjustments to the project, if necessary.
  • Consulting and monitoring compliance with the implementation of the design project.
  • Preparation of commercial proposals for the finishing materials, furniture and equipment specified in the project.
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