We create impressions.

Our main focus is on the design of commercial projects such as office space, mops, restaurants and shops. We unleash the potential of every space to implement the corporate capabilities of your business.

We create impressions.

Commercial interior design plays a key role in business success, striving to enhance functionality and style for financial gain.

The requirements for developing the interior design of commercial establishments are very different as they perform different functions. For example, in the case of retail stores or beauty salons, it is necessary to present the product favorably, to emphasize the corporate identity; for restaurants and bars, comfort is more important, because a cozy atmosphere should facilitate communication and pleasant relaxation - so that visitors would like to come there again and again. In the case of an office or a bank, commercial design can aim to create a positive corporate image. An office or restaurant atmosphere should both stimulate employees to be productive and attract customers.

ZIKZAK company - designs stylish commercial and residential interiors. We develop photorealistic models to help visualize future space. We manage projects from concept development and budget preparation to author support.

Studio ZIKZAK has an excellent team that can come to analyze your space and advise in accordance with your business culture, requirements and plans. We work only with the best contractors who are ready to implement any idea on time.

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