Motivated solutions in each project

We create architectural solutions, following only the latest trends and principles of maximal integration into the authentic environment

Motivated solutions in each project

Architectural design is the development of working projects, design of buildings for various purposes and, of course, design documentation for reconstruction or new construction. This is necessary for both the design of residential and commercial spaces.
Architectural design of buildings is a constant stage of construction. Without contacting an architectural bureau, it is impossible to build a new structure, because it is necessary to carefully plan and take into account all factors: the terrain, location, soil relief, infrastructure, neighboring buildings.
Designing houses, schools, offices, hospitals and supermarkets involves the development of an architectural project that harmoniously fits into the environment, while making them modern and unique.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the design of architectural buildings; every construction project must match its unique context: location, climate, social conditions, budget and materials. Buildings also need to be resilient to the influences of time, adapt to changing requirements, and have the flexibility to suit different applications.
We carry out carefully thought-out architectural projects that meet modern ergonomic and safety requirements. A well-coordinated team of architects works on each project in order to implement the style and nuances of the layout, area, number of storeys. When you need an exterior design for an office building, residential tower or commercial space, our architects know how to do it perfectly.
ZIKZAK knows how to create a good architectural project for life, leisure, business and work, with an innovative stylish interior design. We design modern commercial and residential buildings. Our design and architectural structures will remain relevant, creative and functional for a long time.

In the process of work, we will solve the following tasks:
1. Fixed terms of design and tracking of works in a special application;
2. Fixed budget for the project;
3. Development of photorealistic visualizations, thanks to which it is possible to completely immerse yourself in the future space even before the start of construction;
4. Development of all sections, including engineering, design and technological;
5. Acoustic solution and soundproofing project;
6. Development of phytodesign and plant maintenance plan.

ZIKZAK has an excellent team that will analyze your space and provide comprehensive advice according to your business culture, requirements, future plans and budget.

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