Wood house

Private person
650 sq.m.
Hlepcha, Kiev region
In the process
Wood house

The building location is situated in an age-old pine forest. The client's main request was to fit the house into the environment as harmoniously as possible. At the same time it had to be spacious and functional.
When designing Wood House, our team sought to integrate the buildings into the structure of the site, to preserve perennial pines and the existing landscape. The building is equipped with energy-saving technologies and advanced engineering systems, while being decorated with natural materials. Traditional layout with optimal placing ensured maximal insolation of living areas and panoramic views from all the rooms.
So the house turned out to be a modern and spacious space, with a two-light living room, dining room, a large outdoor terrace with a barbecue zone and an outdoor pool surrounded by age-old pines.

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