Private company
234 sq.m.
Kyiv, st. Smolnaya, 9
In Implementation

Our clients from the Ukrainian aviation company Skyeton asked to create a spectacular area for visitors. To solve this problem, the ZIKZAK team decided to place in the central space, directly opposite the entrance, an example of the customer's product, namely, an unmanned aerial vehicle. To concentrate all our attention on the drone, we chose a theatrical approach, we installed spotlights with directional light over the object, and a uniform background was installed at the back, like in a photo studio. At the same time, to enhance the effect of theatrical magic, a special inclined structure was created that hides the lighting, which also houses a four-panel video wall. In addition to the guest area, the office also houses four offices and a meeting area with a wall of lightboxes with aerial photographs placed on them, captured on the company's own drone. This solution easily replaces standard office cards and takes them to a completely new level.

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