Gallery of boutiques

Taryan Towers
3000 sq.m.
Kyiv, st. John Paul II, 12
In the process
Gallery of boutiques

The design concept of the Gallery of boutiques of the residential complex Taryan Towers

Taryan Towers - towers of the future with two-storey glass bridges and a whole world inside - which has no analogues in Ukraine and Europe.
The complex is located in the central part of Kyiv and organically complements the elite buildings of the Pechersk region.
ZIKZAK studio, in close cooperation with the Poznyaki-Zhil-Bud design center and British architect John Does, has created a design concept for 3 thousand m2 of a completely new format of the Shopping Complex for Taryan Towers.
This is a collaboration of entertainment, shopping, art and business. The architecture and design are futuristic and ahead of their time. Compositionally, the space is the bionic core of the towers of the residential complex.

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